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posté le 2011-01-03, 21:00:50





                         Who said I'm alone in Lyon ? ...Cause actually I'm not XD 



    I was convinced at the beginning that I'll meet nice people here, my              intuition was far from being wrong... I'm not bored as before, no longer feel alone. Thanks to you I've tried many things, I could laugh, and that what I especially missed here..ppl were telling me ' You lack sincerity in your smile'.. They don't make this remark anymore XD..


Anh Tuan :D THANK YOU ^^ 







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nyappysound  le 2011-01-04, 00:16:39  #   (site)

Sourire Happy to know that u enjoy it .. Im quite distrurbing sometimes haha Rire..
Ill keep smiling Sourire <3 Thnk yu again ..

pioum  le 2011-01-03, 23:52:58  #

Oh and I forgot to say one thing that I honestly think

Thank you

pioum  le 2011-01-03, 23:48:37  #

I wasn't expecting to meet someone at this time of the year. So this was quite a surprise for me, and it still is Sourire
I do really enjoy, helping you to discovering things.
I really glad to hear that you can sincerly smile with me, it means a lot to me. So keep smiling that way as much as you can ! Sourire


posté le 2010-12-06, 22:50:08


...After 2 months..3 months..5 months..I began to feel bored..homesick..I needed my old friends so badly...for sure..I was too strong at first...but ...time passes..and I become weaker..However I could just chat with friends :D ...I'm also thankfull as I could get back in touch with an old friend...Who made me feel better those days... 
         ..I loved his videos :) yu like..
   If you do support his fanpage on Facebook ==>
I wish I could meet him when I go back to Morocco :) Then.. I can show my gratefulness...



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Nous profitons de ce dernier poste pour remercier ceux qui ont fait vivre le blog, par leurs articles et leurs commentaires.

posté le 2010-12-06, 18:43:00




One day...Elise my room-mate suggested to go together to Annecy...a commune of the Rhône-Alpes region of southeast France...I really liked it ... I would like to visit it one more time ;)....

..Thanks to this day..I could come even closer to my room-mate... 







Leiila !  le 2010-12-06, 23:08:18  #

niiiice la photo (y) =D ♥

posté le 2010-12-06, 18:29:51

International Students Party

...Thanks to our university...we could also have an opportunity to meet new the International Students Party..That was in the end of October if I remember well in `Le transbordeur` ...

I`m too thankful as I could meet new people and enjoy my time :) ... 







posté le 2010-12-06, 18:23:38

...New friends...




    ...In university, outside also..I could meet some precious friends :)..haha particulary asians :D...They are nice, joyful and more friendly than frensh people I I noticed from my daily life here...we had many amusing parties in their Students residence...It was really fun..


..What saddens me is the fact that they should leave to their homeland (Japan, taiwan..) after 2 weeks ...:( That means in Noël... 








nyappysound  le 2010-12-08, 01:46:24  #   (site)

merci ^^

demonzorro  le 2010-12-07, 13:56:33  #

J'aime la deuxieme photo Sourire

posté le 2010-12-06, 18:06:11

Living Alone



     ... It's time for my sister to return home ..I'm exposed to a new habits.. it was quite good at the biggining :) .. I could experience many things alone..I felt responsable of myself... I had to do everything without the help of anyone...


I visited the city...Bellecour...Partdieu commercial centre...Vieux Lyon..`Tête d'Or` park..

I loved how the city is organised..beautiful..and people were pretty nice with me :) 


I could Take this amazing picture ..:) 



posté le 2010-12-06, 17:55:21

Host Family

...Thanks to the host family..I could experience a lot of things..I played Badminton in the club created by sisters stepfather..I played with the kite... I had fun with their children..I also had the opportunity to taste good frensh cooking..
...We can say that their dog wa also quite sympathic haha :D .. 



posté le 2010-12-06, 17:29:43

..First time in Lyon..




      I was too escited before my travel to Lyon..but somehow I didn't want to go sister proposed then to accompagn me..First in France, we spent our first night there in my sisters step-parents in Pusignan..anyway we passed the first week in Lyon with them... 

I learned how frensh people behave, how they was too interesting to live with a frensh family...


My sister helped me a lot at first...I could have my bank university transport card as well.. and finally we found  the place where I was supposed to live in throughout the's a apart shared with two frensh that time..I've met just Coralie..a very sympathic girl..The apart is located in the heart of the city.. I actually  Liked the neighborhood.. There are many stores..we can find easily what we want..


such as ` Kimchi ``Shop in Lyon who offers food from South Korea and Japan. Products typically korean and japanese.. <3



posté le 2010-12-06, 11:46:15

* 紹介 *

 紹介 *


こんにちは!わたくし は サラ です・18 さい・。モロッコ に 住んでいます、3 年 まえ に 日本語 を 勉強 しました、"リアル" の 学校 に。日本 の 文化 や 生活 が 好き でした から、 漫画 とドラマ を 見ったり、漫画  を かいたり しました。。。


Hey everybody, I'm Sara ..:) don't really need to present myself as I created this blog for my friends..I left my homeland 5 months ago..I moved from Morocco to France, exactly from Agadir to Lyon..So I taught it'll be useful if I created a personal blog, in which I post my daily life here..Thus, my friends can be aware of my life in France..Hope you're interested ..Hope you LIKE it ;)..





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